“Sensing machine n°7”
“Sensing machine n°7” - Augmented reality intervention by NEVERCREW, realized and produced by NEVERCREW and BEPART.
“Incidence” solo exhibition at GCA Gallery
“Incidence” - Solo exhibition at GCA Gallery in Paris, from the 4th of May to the 2nd of June 2018.
Sensing machine n°3
"Sensing machine n°3" - Mural intervention realized at Le M.U.R., historical institution of street art in Paris (France), 2018. 48°51'57.1"N 2°22'40.0"E
El oso plateado and the machine
“El oso plateado and the machine” - Series of three interconnected mural paintings realized in downtown Phoenix (Arizona, USA). Curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre (FatCap), 2018. 33°26'58.6"N 112°04'26.6"W
“Baring machine” Documentation book
“Baring machine” - Documentation book about our experience in Satka, Russia, for the realization of the double mural intervention “Baring Machine” (May 2017). Texts by Alessandro De Bon, printed in 150 copies.
Disposing machine
“Disposing machine” - Mural painting realized for Artrust in Melano (CH), 2017. 45°55'57.2"N 8°58'30.4"E
Realizing machine n°3
“Realizing machine n°3” - Limited edition print realized with graffitiprints.com (UK) in two variants (75 and 15 pieces), 2017. As we rarely do, the image is inspired by the mural painting “Realizing machine” that we realized in Luzern (CH) for Neusicht /Viva con Agua in September 2016.
Dimensional recipe
“Dimensional recipe” - Series of three interconnected mural paintings realized in Los Angeles (USA), curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre (FatCap), 2017. 33°55'42.9"N 118°23'52.7"W
Encumbering machine
"Encumbering machine" - Mural painting realized in Kiev (Ukraine) for the Art United Us project, 2017. 50°26'43.1"N 30°29'41.8"E
Propagating machine
"Propagating machine" - Mural painting realized in Mannheim (Germany) for Stadt.Wand.Kunst, 2017. 49°30'22.5"N 8°29'28.6"E
Baring machine
"Baring machine" - Mural painting realized in Satka (Russia), for the Satka Street Art Festival curated by Fund Sobranie Moscow, 2017. Second and connected part realized in a different area of the city. 55°04'01.3"N 58°55'54.8”E
NEVERCREW solo show at Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong 2017
From Rochester to Luzern
A video about walls we painted and places we visited from June 2015 till September 2016
3 Compressions
Triptych of sculptures, 2017
Mirroring machine
Mirroring machine - Forty multiples of sculpture in 3 parts, 280 x 145 x 60 mm, 2016.
Realizing machine
“Realizing machine” - Mural painting realized in Luzern (CH) for the Neusicht exhibition organized by Viva con Agua, 2016. Viva con Agua is a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. 47°02'29.2"N 8°18'25.7”E
Exhausting machine n°2
"Exhausting machine n°2” - Mural painting realized in Aalborg (Denmark) for WeAart, 2016. 57°02'55.0"N 9°55'22.6"E
Exhausting machine
"Exhausting machine” - Mural painting realized in Vancouver (CA) for Vancouver Mural Featival, 2016. 49°16'14.4"N 123°05'59.8"W
Ordering machine
“Ordering machine” - Mural painting realized for Grenoble Street Art Fest in Grenoble (FR) 2016. 45°11'09.7"N 5°43'20.0"E
Compelling machine n°7
“Compelling machine n°7” - Painting / installation realized for “Start” in Assago (I), for the project “Street Music Art” curated by Square 23 Gallery, 2016. In the project were involved: Chazme & Sepe, Etnik, Pixel Pancho, Roa, Vhils, Zedz, Nevercrew.
Inhuman barriers
“Inhuman barriers” - Mural painting that addresses the theme of immigration realized for “Cities of hope” in Manchester (UK), in support to the local solidarity group WASP (Women Asylum Seekers Together), 2016. 53°28'52.9"N 2°13'55.7"W
see through / see beyond
“see through / see beyond” - Couple of mural paintings realized in New Delhi (India) for St+Art India and the exhibition “WIP”, 2016. 28°35'06.8"N 77°13'20.6”E
Ablating machine
“Ablating machine” - Mural painting realized in Wynwood, Miami (USA) during Art Basel Miami for the collaborative project curated by Urban Nation and PangeaSeed Foundation, addressing the issue of climate change in conjunction with the COP21 Paris Climate Conference, 2015. 25°48'10.8"N 80°12'00.4"W
Signalling machine
"Signalling machine" - Mural painting realized for Urban Canvas in Varese (I), 2015. 45°48'42.3"N 8°49'24.9"E
Black machine
"Black machine" - Mural painting and installation realized on the Colosseo theater in Turin (I), 2015. Project in collaboration with Teatro Colosseo and Square23 Gallery. 45°03'08.1"N 7°40'47.4"E
Developing machine n.1
“Developing machine n.1” - Mural painting realized for the Vision Art Festival in Crans-Montana (CH), 2015. 46°18'45.6"N 7°28'44.9"E
Detecting machine n.1
“Detecting machine n.1” - Mural painting realized for the Wall Therapy in Rochester (NY, USA) co-curated by Urban Nation Berlin, 2015. 43°09'07.4"N 77°36'22.0"W
Privatization machine n.1
"Privatization machine n.1" - Mural painting and installation realized for the Millerntor Gallery #5 in Hamburg (DE) as part of the social art project to support "Viva con Agua" for worlwide water projects. 2015 - 53°33'17.2"N 9°58'03.8”E
Essential mechanisms
"Essential mechanisms" - Stencil prints series based on essential mechanisms and concise interactions. Realized in 2014 and 2015.
"Hamburg / Dublin / Cairo / Belgrade / Berlin / Winterthur" - A video about walls we painted and places we visited in the last year
Message in a Bottle
"Message in a Bottle" - Artwork realized to be part of the IKEA Art Event 2015 as 100x70 cm poster. In the same collection there are other 11 international street artists: M-City (Poland), Elle (USA), Koralie Supakitch (France), Carolina Falkholt (Sweden), Nuria Mora (Spain), Sobekcis (Serbia), Hua Tunan (China), Erosie (Netherlands), TFreak (Brazil), Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), CRASH (USA)
Highlighting machine n°1
“Highlighting machine n°1” - Mural painting realized for Urban Nation Berlin (DE) in conjunction with the PM/7 curated by Brooklyn Street Art, 2015. 52°29'56.3"N 13°21'31.3"E
Frequency Spectrum
"Frequency Spectrum" - Solo exhibition at Square 23 Gallery in Torino (I), from thursday the 5th of february till sunday the 14th of march 2015.
"Simultaneity" - Solo exhibition at Artstübli in Basel (CH), from friday the 16th of january till friday the 13th of february 2015.
Sharing idea n°1
"Sharing idea n°1" - Indoor mural artwork for the new Facebook spaces in Dublin (IRE). Three of six from the main series "Brain-storming Machine n°1", 2014.
Brain-storming machine n°1
"Brain-storming machine n°1" - Indoor mural artwork for the new Facebook spaces in Dublin (IRE). One of six from the main series with the same name, 2014.
Compelling Machine n°2
“Compelling Machine n°2” . Mural painting realized in Cairo (Egypt) for the project “On identity and fingerprints”. Curated by Fatma Hendawy, initiated by the Swiss Embassy in Cairo and supported by Pro-Helvetia Cairo, 2014. 30°03'05.4"N 31°14'23.2"E
Compelling Machine n°1
“Compelling Machine n°1” - Mural painting realized for the City Canvas of Hamburg (DE), curated by Urbanshit, 2014. 53°32'58.6"N 9°57'54.1"E
Interpretive Machine n°1
“Interpretive Machine n°1” - Mural painting realized for the Urban Art Festival of Winterthur (CH), 2014. 47°29'41.2"N 8°42'57.2”E
Selection for structure n°2
"Selection for structure n°2" - Interactive installation with rubber stamps. 50 stamps of 50 parts to assemble in infinite machines, as a shareable vision of our concepts of composition and communication, 2013.
Imitation of Life n°9
"Imitation of life n°9" a.k.a. "Evolutive Machine n°1" - Mural painting realized over the Mikser House in Belgrade (Serbia), in the context of the Mikser Festival 2014. 44°48'50.1"N 20°27'04.4"E
Connecting machine n°1
Indoor mural artworks for the new Facebook's spaces in Milano (I), 2014.
Part of the Process n°2
"Part of the Process n°2 (Magellanic Penguin)" - Installation realized for our solo exhibitions “Leftover Section” at the Ego Gallery, Lugano (06.12.2013-25.01.2014).
EWZ Zurich
Indoor wall painting realized in the main offices of the EWZ of Zurich (CH), 2013.
4661m2 - Art in prison
“4661m2 - Art in prison” - Series of mural paintings realized inside the Lenzburg prison (CH), on the borders walls and into a walking area, 2013. The project was curated by Malik and Claude “Note” Luethi, and involved many artists: Malik, Note, Onur, Chromeo, Shark, Ata Bozaci, Robert Proch, Nevercrew, Mizzo, Daniel Zeltner, David Monllor, Benjamin Solt, Lain, Ti, Sarah Parsons.
"Lighthouse" - Painting/installation realized for "L'AM - L'Arte della Memoria" at Villa Ambrosetti, Gentilino (CH). The installation had two phases: one with the working lighthouse, and one with its memories.
The Tin Can Phone Project - Lugano
"Tin Can Phone Project" - Termporary interactive installation at the "Sottopassaggio dei Cigni" in Lugano (CH), 2013. Realized with the support of Arte Urbana Lugano during the Longlake Festival. Video realized with Ledfilms.com and Andrea Todaro.
Le Coucou
“Le Coucou” - Installation realized for the exhibition “Mur-Murs / Tête-à-tête passé/présent” at the Musée de Papier Peint of Mézières (FR), Switzerland. 09-11-2013 / 24-05.2014.
Part of the Process
"Part of the Process" - Installation realized into the "Limonaia" of Villa Saroli in Lugano (CH), Museo d'Arte Lugano, from the 7th of july to the 6th of september 2013.
Festival del Film Locarno 2013
"Enlightenment and Process" - Limited edition screenprint for the Festival del Film Locarno (CH), 2013. Realized with the collaboration of the Bally Cultural Foundation and given as official gift to the main guests of the festival.
X-games Munich 2013
"Imitation of Life n°2" - Live painting during the X-Games in Munich (DE), 2013.
A drop of pink in Isar's waters
"A drop of pink in Isar's waters" - Painting realized at the Stroke Urban Art Fair in Munich, Germany (in the context of the "Stroke Curated" selection), 2013.
Making Triangles
"Making Triangles" - Aluminium sculpture, 70x70x30cm, 2012.
"Underrcontrol" - Outdoor painting in a pedestrian underpass in Monte Carasso (CH), 2012.
Magenta (t.n.e.g.b.t.a.a.t.p.r.)
"Magenta (t.n.e.g.b.t.a.a.t.p.r.)" - 240 square meters outdoor painting at the elementary schools of Bozzoreda, Lugano (CH), 2012.
Living Structures - Series 1
Series of 3 mixed-media paintings and one sculture. This series was presented for the first time at the ArtYou Urban Art Basel (CH) exhibition 2012.
"Octopus" - Outdoor painting into the pool n°7 of the Skatepark of Lugano (CH), 2009
Daydream in a Box
"Daydream in a Box" - Outdoor painting realized on the front wall of the youth center of Breganzona (CH), 2009.
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