3 Compressions
Triptych of sculptures, 2017
Between November 2016 and January 2017 we realized a triptych of sculptures starting from the shape of a sperm whale that we’re elaborating in the recent years in the spaces of our mural paintings. The first model was sculpted, adjusted and treated, and from that one we realized 3 copies on which we worked again, both on adjustments, modeling of details and with paint. 
On each whale we used 3 vertical areas of different colors, but with a total of 6 shades to connect the 3 elements between them horizontally. 

This is a work about compression, intended as physical compression of forces, as violence, as compelling, but also as a simplification, as reduction of informations and emotions. Compression is consequence of pressure or adaptation to limits; it’s making things smaller, but also making them completely visible in an unique sight.
We show an artificial system where compression changes the perception of the system itself: a relationship that’s wedged and no more clearly visible and experienceable for what it is. A condition with all its parts reduced, but still present with their mass.

The triptych is now in exhibition as installation at the Urban Art Biennale inside the UNESCO Weltkulturerbestätte Völkinger Hütte in Völklingen (DE), 09.04 - 05.11.2017.