“Dissipation” in Mons, Belgium, 2023.
“Wire” in Paradiso, Switzerland, 2023.
“Brink” in Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2022.
“Viewfinder” triptych on canvas, 2022.
"Minute" - Sculpture multiple realized in resin, 2022
Edition of 50 in color variants

Ganges rising waters studio, 2019-2022
“Fuse” in Aurillac, France (2022)
“Bracketing n°2”, Nancy, France (2022)
“Bracketing n°2”, Nancy, France (2022)
Vidéo réalisée par Élie Grégoire.
“Fragments”, Cedar Rapids, USA - Timelapse, 2022
“Line” at Fluctuart in Paris, 2022
"Bracketing", Jarville-la-Malgrange  (France), by LeMur Nancy, 2021
Stadt Luzern & Nevercrew: Making-of des Klimaschutz-Wandbildes
Copyright 2021 Stadt Luzern​​​​​​​
“Collapse”, Grenoble 2020
"Collapse" Video recap, Street Art Fest Grenoble 
Alpes 2020, Resilience Edition.
“Surfaces” - Remotely shared sculpture, 2020
“Surfaces” - DISTANT PARTS - Remotely shared sculpture, 2020
“Offset”, Madrid 2020
“Deflated”, Varanasi 2019
“Deflated” Varanasi, 2019
Video by Mojarto
“Shifting machine”, Cadenazzo 2019 - PaNicFilm
“Celsius” Thermochromic mural painting, Lugano 2019
“Celsius” Thermochromic mural painting - Developing polaroids Lugano, 2019
“El oso plateado and the machine - Section” - sculpture making 2019
“Disposing machine n°2” in Gisborne, New Zealand, 2018
“Propagating machine n°6” - anamorphic mural intervention, Lugano 2018
“Sensing machine” - Augmented Reality intervention, 2018
“Baring machine” video by Max Lukyanets and Vlad Bachanovich) Satka, 2017
Impressions of Satka, Russia, filmed in May 2017 during the realization of the two mural paintings "Baring machine" for the Satka Street Art Festival
“Disposing Machine” (making of video by Artrust) Melano, 2017
3 Compressions, 2017
From 53°33’17.2”N 9°58’03.8”E to 47°02’29.2”N 8°18’25.7”E 2015-2016
“Ordering machine”, Grenoble Street Art Fest, 2016.
Video by Chris TONG VIET
Volvo Art Session - Cloud painting, Zurich 2015 
(Nevercrew & Chromeo)
Volvo Art Session - Cloud view, Zurich 2015 
(Nevercrew & Chromeo)
Volvo Art Session - Cloud structure, Zurich 2015 
(Nevercrew & Chromeo)
“Detecting machine n.1”, for the Wall Therapy
Rochester (NY, USA) co-curated by Urban Nation Berlin, 2015.​​​​​​​
Editor: Eric Maira Videography: Ben Shutts, Asa Shutts, Eric Maira, Roy
Hamburg / Dublin / Cairo / Belgrade / Berlin / Winterthur 
X-games, Munich 2013
Magenta, Lugano 2012
Shooting and editing: on Red Epic-X​​​​​​​
Volvo Art Session, Zurich 2011
Daydream in a Box, Breganzona 2009

Octopus, Lugano 2009