Pablo Togni was born on the 29th of September 1979 in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Christian Rebecchi was born on the 20th of December 1980 in Lugano, Switzerland. Both attended the Art School in Lugano (Liceo Artistico C.S.I.A.) and afterwards the Painting course of Professor Nicola Salvatore at the Brera's Art Academy in Milan (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera), graduating in 2005.
Since 1996 they work together and give life to artistic duo NEVERCREW, beginning to approach to street art (which at that time was still intended only under the name of "graffiti") with a mainly pictorial and narrative approach, using immediately, in addition to painting, different forms of expression such as sculpture, graphics, illustration, photography and video, and painting quickly all over the south of Switzerland. In these early years they participate in the exhibition about swiss graffiti "Dalla strada" at the Museum of Modern Art in Bellinzona (CH), they paint into the "Pretoriali" prisons in Bellinzona (CH), are selected as "young drawers of Ticino" for the comics event "Innovafumetto" in Lugano (CH), and exhibit between Milan and Como (Italy) during the course of the Academy of Fine Arts.
After graduating and having decided to continue as independent artists, from 2005 they further focus on their personal path, combining the experience, the particular communication and the attitude of working in public places with the expressive research done in the years of academia. Their main artworks of these years are the "Octopus" painting at the Skatepark of Lugano (CH) and the live painting "The inkmaster" at the Volvo Art Session in Zürich (CH).
Since 2010 they begin a new personal research: a more specific language on a conceptual level, but not necessarily from the technical and visual point of view, which takes the form mainly in their "sections" and "living structures". With a series of these works, in 2012 they participate at ArtYou Urban Art Basel (CH) ), and in the same year they realize the big "Magenta" wall painting in Lugano (CH).
In 2013 they win the "Artists of the year 2012" award of the Bally Cultural Foundation, they're selected in the "Stroke Curated" section at the Stroke Urban Art Fair in Munich (DE), they realize the interactive installation "Tin Can Phone Project" in Lugano (born from the previous "Funnel Project", 2012) and one of their images is chosen to be printed in a limited series as official gift for the main guests of the international Festival del Film Locarno (CH). In the same year they're invited in ​​two solo exhibitions in Lugano (CH): the first one at the "Limonaia" of Villa Saroli (Museo d'Arte Lugano), where they present the installation "Part of the Process", and the second one at Ego Gallery.
In 2014 NEVERCREW realize the artworks inside the new Facebook's spaces in Milano (I) and Dublin (IRE) and partecipate in many international projects and art festivals (Hamburg (DE), Belgrade (Serbia), Cairo (Egypt), Winterthur (CH), Zurigo (CH), ...), then starting the 2015with two solo exhibitions: “Simultaneity” at Artstübli in Basel (CH) and “Frequency Spectrum” at Square23 Gallery in Torino (I).
In the same year, therefore, they realize artworks for Wall Therapy in Rochester (USA), Urban Nation in Berlin (DE) and Miami (USA, with PangeaSeed), the Colosseo Theater in Torino (I) and they partecipate in many group exhibitions, among which the Knotenpunkt15 in Hamburg (DE).
At the end of the year they’re included in the 100 more influent artists of 2015 in “The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2015” by Graffiti Art Magazine (F), and 2016 begins with a journey to New Delhi (India), where NEVERCREW realize two interconnected mural works for St+Art India and the related exhibition “WIP”, followed by the group show "DUO" at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles (USA), where are selected seven international artists duo in the context of urban art.
During 2016 and 2017 NEVERCREW partecipate in many group exhibitions, mainly between Italy and USA, and realize mural interventions in cities like Manchester (UK, for Cities of Hope), Grenoble (France), Aalborg (Denmark, for WeAart), Vancouver (Canada), Lucern (Switzerland, for Neusicht by Viva con Agua), Satka (Russia), Mannheim (Germany, for Stadt.Wand.Kunst), Kiev (Ukraine)m Los Angeles (USA), realizing then also two solo exhibitions: one in Hong Kong (China), at Above Second Gallery, and one in London (UK), at Unit 5 Gallery. 
At the beginning of 2018 NEVERCREW is called to realize three wall interventions on the historic Heard Building in Phoenix (USA) and a temporary work at Le M.U.R. in Paris (F), an important wall in the tradition of french street art and a solo show in Paris (France) at GCA Gallery.
From 2018 and 2023 NEVERCREW continue realizing mural interventions in many cities like Berlin (for Urban Nation), Gisborne (New Zealand, for PangeaSeed), Torino (Italy, for the Toward2030 Project), Varanasi (India), Bayonne (France, for the "Points de Vue" festival curated by Spacejunk), Madrid (Spain, for Urvanity, in collaboration with Artrust), Lugano (Switzerland, for Arte Urbana Lugano), Le Locle (Switzerland, for Exomusée), Cedar Rapids (Iowa, USA, for Murals & More), etc, and realize a new solo show at GCA Gallery in Paris (2021).