The first image appearing readable is an equilateral triangle from which, shortly after, becomes noticeable the speed control and a connection of twisted intertwined mechanisms. Approaching more appear more evident a pipes system and some elements that would suggest a living being: an eye, a mouth and two arms, but still remains a mechanism and, as such, seems to have a function and perhaps an operator. This "living structure" recalls the first creation, in a creative sense, in terms of production and construction; recalls the human potential for growth and creation. The large triangle made to generate something smaller, and it does thanks to the fluid passing through it. This fluid does not, however, come from the outside, but by the same mechanism, it is the lifeblood that flows in the pipes. The reality is self-powered, the man shape itself. It should be added that the equilateral triangle, moreover, is harmony and proportion, and in a sense we have an harmonic system as such and in its parts, with the ability to create.
A "Red" version of this sculpture was presented at ArtYou - Urban Art Basel 2012.