Satka Street Art Festival

Video by Max Lukyanets and Vlad Bachanovich

Part 2
“Baring machine, part 2” Second and connected part of the painting, placed in front of the hill created by the leftovers from the Magnesite quarry. 

The mural was realized in the city of Satka, in the Oblast’ of Celjabinsk (Russia), a city founded as an iron mining factory and now built around a giant magnesite quarry positioned in the middle of hills and forests of the Ural Mountains. This is a place that well represent the relation between mankind and nature, the proportion between them and especially a connection based on the use of resources, on which are built the local life and structures.

This work is about proportions and imbalances, about awareness and involvement. Systems, as we know them, are human structures that often take directions that are far from human nature (and rights) and from the environment; from nature itself. This trend has led and leads to an emotional and intellectual detachment where everything becomes acceptable also when it’s damaging, where there’s no more perception of consequences and so no more perception of reality.

We realized the main painting on a building, in a residential area, and so we decided to place a second connected painting, a continuation, in front of the hill created with the leftovers coming from the digging activities in the quarry.