Artrust Gallery Zurich is located in Bärengasse 16, Zurich (CH)
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What distinguishes the work on canvas from the one on walls, what defines the biggest difference in terms of approach, although one may seem to be the natural derivation of the other, is the fact that a canvas is not necessarily in direct relation to a context, it is not blocked in a space and is not part of it (although, obviously, it could become so), and this allows to create autonomous "systems".

In the "Boundaries" series of sculptures are combined many themes, with an emphasis on identification with a different position, on an ideal awareness of the position which deals with a balance and on the connection that exists between the different contexts, intended both in a spatial, social and environmental sense.

80,5 x 56 x h 42 cm / 40 x 13 x 13 cm
Mixed media, 2023

The places where urban interventions are created have always been the fulcrum around which ideas, planning, composition, interaction and creation revolve, and therefore also moments of a shared existence. For this reason they themselves became subjects.
These "sections" are at the same time container, context and main subject. They are the almost allegorical representation of the approach to working in urban spaces and are the reinforcement of the concepts that are most linked to the human figure and its perception of the relationship with its surroundings.

"Mutual relevance"
80 x 32 x h 31 cm, Resin / Mixed media
Part of a series of 3 sculptures, 2021-2023

The games of propositions, the combinations of different parts and the conceal / confusion are other elements that act as a starting point to connect to the perception and awareness of a position within a context, a system and an environment.
In this sculpture, part of a series of three created between 2021 and 2023, the work develops on the perceptive duality of far and near.

Inflatable whales, mixed media sculpture, lighting and acoustic elements
1000 x 360 x h 400 cm / 300 x 120 x h 100 cm / 80 x 80 x h 30 cm, 2023

As the final part of the path within "Mutual", these elements fill the space and involve viewers in a play that with the other media is usually only evoked, reversing roles and, again, proportions.

"Mutual" is the reciprocal exchange and sharing of the effects of a common participation, the cohabitation of a space, an environment, a context. Mutuality in a broad sense, intended as an inevitable and mandatory condition within every system and, as such, the principle underlying a balance of which one must necessarily become aware.
The works on display (canvases, sculptures, print, and installations) particularly highlight the relationship between the human being and nature, focusing on the perception and awareness that the human being has of its position within a natural and social balance.

Artrust Gallery Zurich is located in Bärengasse 16, Zurich (CH) and it opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.
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