Hamburg / Dublin / Cairo / Belgrade / Berlin / Winterthur
A video about walls we painted and places we visited in the last year
05-2014  > 03-2015
44°48'50.1"N  20°27'04.4”E  > 52°29'56.3"N  13°21'31.3"E
“Start Again” by Bishop Allen
Hamburg (DE), 09-2014, “City Canvas” curated by URBANSHIT 
Dublin (IRE), 05-2014, Facebook EMEA HQ
Cairo (Egypt), 10-2014, “On Identity and Fingerprints” curated by Fatma Hendawy, initiated by the Swiss Embassy in Cairo, supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo
Belgrade (Serbia), 06-2014, curated by Mikser Festival 
Berlin (DE), 03-2015, curated by URBAN NATION 
Winterthur, 09-2014, curated by Urban Art Festival 
Video realized with the support of the Bally Cultural Foundation 
Thanks to:
Video: Bishop Allen / Ji / Milly / Chiara 
Hamburg: Rudy & Lars
Dublin: Sean / Ale
Cairo: Fatma / Lamia / Shaymaa / Maged
Belgrade: Ana / Aleksandra / Artez
Berlin: Yasha / Elisabetta / Alejandra / Anna
Winterthur: Anita / Merly / Chromeo  
"Compelling Machine N°1", 2014
"Explorer Idea N°1 And N°2 / "Brain-Storming Machine N°1, 2014
"Compelling Machine N°2", 2014
"Imitation Of Life N°9", 2014
"Highlighting Machine N°1", 2015
"Interpretive Machine N°1", 2014