UrbanArt Festival, Winterthur
“Interpretive Machine n°1” - Mural painting realized for the Urban Art Festival of Winterthur (CH), 2014. Part of the "View-Master Project" - 47°29'41.2"N 8°42'57.2”E
The inspiration for this painting comes at first for from the context: a place, a group of buildings that once was like a “little city”, with each part working together for the same product. As a symbol of this past, a few mechanical elements remain on the wall, probably still working but not used. 
The metal plate and the mechanical arm become the basis for a new mechanism: something that recalls a pantograph, that it’s usually made to change proportions of things and that now can work on both directions.
This is the starting point from which is expressed a reflection about union and discomposition, from where the painting comes from.