Fontaine Stravinsky
Rue Brisemiche, Paris
48°51'33.6"N  2°21'03.6”E

Augmented Reality intervention realized in collaboration with BEPART in Rue Brisemiche, Paris, in occasion of NEVERCREW’s solo exhibition “Incidence” at GCA Gallery (Paris).
A living mirror showing a reality that’s changing quickly and whose change is related to what’s around it. 
Placed in front of the Stravinsky Fountain by Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely, at the side of Jef Aerosol’s mural and facing the Centre Pompidou, this wants to be an homage to visual art, to music, to architecture, to street art, to Paris and to art in general. An homage to art as a mirror itself.

Download the free App BEPART and frame the wall on the front side

Realized and produced by NEVERCREW and BEPART
App, 3D modeling and programming by BEPART
Thanks to Simone Cavadini for the local support