Risograph print conceived as a support for the realization of the “ZOO di Mesocco” artistic project, curated by the mMoMAm of Mesocco, Switzerland.
The print is made in 100 copies by Complice Press, Lugano (CH), with vegetable-based inks on Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum 170gsm paper, 2023.

The “ZOO di Mesocco” project will take place in 2024.

The risograph printing
Risograph is a duplication system invented in Japan in the 80’s. It is based on the use of interchangeable color ink drums which allow to have the overlapping of layers necessary to reproduce the image.
Once the picture is digitally separated, the risograph printer can generate a master for each selected color by making microscopic holes with thermal heads.  Each master is then attached to its respective drum and the ink is forced through the little voids during the passage of the paper. The single colors combined, through halftone screens, reproduce the different shades.  
The risograph printing method has little impact on the environment due to the use of vegetable inks. Thanks to the possibility to choose and change the ink drums, combining them, it allows flexibility and further creative work on the finish of the work.

A harmonious coexistence, balance between humanity and nature that goes beyond distances. 
Travel, research and connection.
A point of arrival and from which to start, a structure to explore; to go through, to live and to remember.

If interested, the print is available on mMoMAm’s website: https://www.mmomam.com/lo-zoo-di-mesocco