“Mutual” exhibition at Artrust Gallery, Zurich (CH

“Overlap” exhibition at GCA Gallery, Paris (F)

"Incidence" exhibition at GCA Gallery, Paris (F).

"Scales" exhibition at Unit 5 Gallery, London (UK).
"Discordant" exhibition at Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong (China).

"Frequency Spectrum" solo exhibition at Square23 gallery, Torino (I).
"Simultaneity" exhibition at Artstübli, Basel (CH).

"Leftover Section" exhibition at Ego Gallery, Lugano (CH).
"Part of the Process" exhibition at the Limonaia di Villa Saroli in Lugano (CH), Museo d'Arte Lugano.
"Tin Can Phone Project" temporary interactive installation at the "Sottopassaggio dei Cigni" in Lugano (CH).


"Ten years of Arttrust" at Artrust in Melano (CH).

“B&SA” at Urasoe Art Museum in Okinawa (Japan), curated by Artrust.
“B&SA” at Huis Ten Bosch Museum in Nagasaki (Japan), curated by Artrust.
"Plongée en eaux troubles. Quand l'homme entre en Seine" at Fluctuart in Paris (F), curated by Cyrille Gouyette.
"B&SA" at Sagawa Museum in Moriyama (Japan) and at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki (Japan), curated by Artrust.

"Unstoppable" opening exhibition of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin (DE).
"UrbanArt Biennale" at the UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Volklinger Hutte (DE).

"(Di)Segni Urbani" at Castello di Masnago (I), curated by WG Art. 
"LAX/ORD" at Vertical Gallery in Chicago (USA), curated by Thinkspace Gallery (Los Angeles). 
"Transversal movement" curated by Question Mark in Milano (I). 
"A better view" atA BV Gallery in Atlanta (USA). 
"DUO" at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles (USA). 
“Exploring the new contemporary Movement” curated by Thinkspace Gallery (LA) at Pow Wow Hawaii, in Honolulu. 
“WIP” in New Delhi (IN) for St+Art India. Group exhibition.

"Knotenpunkt15" at Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg (DE). 
"Neusicht" at Neubad in Lucern (CH), curated by Viva con Agua. 
"Amsterdam Street Art 5 Years" at Go Gallery in Amsterdam (NL). 
"Impact!" at 1975 Gallery in Rochester (USA) curated by Urban Nation and Wall Therapy. 
"Millerntor Gallery" at the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg (DE). 
"Volvo Art Session" in Zurich (CH). 12-hours performance with Chromeo at the Zurich main station.

"XX x XX - Ventiperventi" at Studio d'Ars gallery, Milano (I). 
"Mur-Murs" at the Musée du Papier Peint, Château de Mézières (CH). 
"L'AM - L'Arte della Memoria" at the Villa Ambrosetti, Gentilino (CH). Group exhibition.
"Artstübli" pop up exhibition at the "Schlefferei" during Art Basel (CH). 
"Stroke Curated" at Studio D'Ars gallery (Streed D'Ars) in Milan (I). 
"271 Meters" at the Ørestad Bibliotek in Copenhagen (DK). 
"Stroke Urban Art Fair" Munich (DE). Partecipation as part of the "Stroke Curated" selection. 

"ArtYou" Basel (CH). 
"Most Wanted: Behind the Hype" at 1AM gallery in San Francisco (USA). 
"Entropia" at La Fonderia Art Space in Bellinzona (CH). 

"Monster & Cuties" at Squid Ink in Rome (I). 
"Kunst11" in Zurich (CH). Exhibition of the 10 artists of the Volvo Art Session 2011.
"A QRcode 4 the World" at the Winston House in London (UK). Group exhibition.
"Volvo Art Session" at the main station in Zurich (CH). 

"Il definitivo è trasformazione" at Villa Balli in Locarno (CH). 

"Experience the Costa World" at Salone del Mobile of Milan (I). 

"Menti e Alimenti" at the Ex-Ticosa art space in Como (I). 
"Frigor, oggetti d'uso tra arte e design" at the Teatro Regio in Torino (I).

"Spazio Sarpi" in Milano (I). Video installation during the opening event of the "Spazio Sarpi".
"Salon 1" at the Palazzo della Permanente & Sala Napoleonica in Milan (I). Group exhibition.
"Gli inquilini" at Villa Erba in Cernobbio (I). Group exhibition.

"Frigor, oggetti d'uso tra arte e design" at the Galleria del Design e dell'Arredamento in Cantù (I).

"Salon 1" at the Palazzo della Permanente & Sala Napoleonica in Milan (I). 

"Fumetti: Maestri e giovani disegnatori svizzeri" at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea in Bellinzona (CH). 

"Dalla Strada.. viaggio nella cultura dei graffiti" at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea in Bellinzona (CH).