Rue à Degrés, 7000 Mons, Belgium

Starting from the name of the street ("Rue à Degrée") as an initial input, we worked on an intervention conceptually linked to the spatiality of the place and its peculiarities. We therefore used the reference to temperature, the going up / rising / increasing and the going down / falling / decreasing, the path and the anamorphosis itself as subjects, in addition to those represented with paint. 
Finally, the reference is to climate change linked to the increase of temperatures, but inserted in a broader vision addressing the perception that human beings have of their impact on the general balance, of their position within it, of the relation between local and global and between actions and consequences.
The point of view changes the perception and the proportions, the gesture and the awareness of it. The presence of the subjects depends on a choice, the perception of the whole is constrained by a condition and becomes impossible from an anthropocentric position within it.