"Plongée en eaux troubles, Quand l'homme entre en Seine"
7th of April - 17th of June 2022

Centre d'art urbain 
2 port du Gros Caillou, 75007 Paris


An intermediate point between the river and the human being, between the environment and human systems. Exchange, consumption, trade, gift, but also a message and a request for attention. The memory of something that has been and the evidence, in comparison with reality, of a transformation that has already taken place, that's in progress or that will take place in the future. An ideal mirror in which to recognize the detachment that has arisen, a game between points of view and proportions in which to try to grasp the senselessness of today's habits; the loss of the link with nature and the paradoxical (and blind) destruction of the same environment that allows life.
A system wrapped around itself and made unusable by the very hands of those in its constant need, deprived of its natural part and its humanity by an attitude deformed by inhuman political conceptions of existence.
An attempt to put the pieces together, to reconstruct a different vision, to reunite two “worlds” that already belong to each other in order to demonstrate their essential bond.