Via ala Capelina, Cadenazzo, Switzerland

This work take its shape by the structure of the wall, its readability and from the activity that it’s going to start inside the building of which is part: the sorting of the national packages traffic for the southern region of Switzerland, that’s a need that came from the continuous growing of the online market. 
We then worked on communication, movement, relocation and interaction, and so on transformation, and we extended this to an overall vision where the human system and the natural system are interconnected in a continuous and mutual mutation. A mutation that of course is in part automatic and spontaneous, but also the consequence of direct actions and choices that could interfere and redefine the path and the balance.

Shifting machine - Documentation book
Book about the mural painting “Shifting machine” realized in July 2019 for STISA SA on the new packages center in Cadenazzo (CH). The book has been produced by STISA SA with pictures by Paul Nicol and Dino Martignoni, it’s curated by Rudy Chiappini, designed by Sagl and printed by Salvioni Arti Grafiche in Bellinzona, 2019.
Produced by STISA SA
Curated by Rudy Chiappini
Pictures by Paul Nicol and Dino Martignoni
Graphic project by Sagl
Printed by Salvioni Arti Grafiche

The artwork has been realized by NEVERCREW with the assistance of Miljana Miljkovic and Amos Pellegrinelli.

All pictures by NEVERCREW except work in progress and drone pictures by Paul Nicol and Dino Martignoni.