“Boundary - Celsius”
Thermochromic sculpture presented at Nevercrew’s solo exhibition “MUTUAL” at Artrust Gallery Zurich (CH), inaugurated the 26th of October 2023. 

Activated by a button that manages a timer, this work leads the viewer to act and immediately see the result of his gesture. The reaction is therefore caused by a conscious gesture, while the consequences are no longer controllable: the sculpture in fact requires 1 minute to change and an hour to return to its initial state.
This sculpture is the most recent of the works created with this technique, and differs from the others precisely because of the attention to the small human gesture that influences the balance, the  environmental conditions, rather than the already ongoing effects of this change.

The connection between thermochromic paint and Nevercrew’s work is quite natural: a material that changes with temperature and climate change is strictly related to their main topics and it’s a simple demonstration of their concepts. 
The “interaction” has always been part of Nevercrew’s research, which has its roots in the very choice to paint on walls: thermochromic paint gives the opportunity to create a strong and direct interaction with the viewer/user, a direct connection with the context and moreover it can enhance the conceptual reading of the artworks, while all these aspects would reinforce between them.
Thanks to this technique Nevercrew is able to generate interactive works that can respond to the inputs of the specific place, the environment and the people.

Realized at Spazio Morel in Lugano (Switzerland), 2019.

This mural, realized in 2019, is part of the research for artworks that could react directly to reality, to human action and to human influence, and with a direct focus on environmental changes.
Thermochromic paint allows to create an immediate transformation and at the same time a silent litmus paper of the actual situation: the mural becomes then a timeline and a scale that wants to relate with today’s global and local choices while unavoidably including past and future in an interconnected overview.

“Developing polaroids”
Realized at Spazio Morel in Lugano (Switzerland), 2019

The concept originates from a very direct relation: the photographic development, and that’s the reason of the classic “polaroid” shape. Photography could be intended as the human perception, as a series of human limited perspectives on reality, and this is strongly connected to the overall work. 
The photographic development helps to connect to photography and also to “explain” the reason why the image is changing, so also recalling that there’s a reason why the “perspective”, the image that’s represented, is changing.

"Development” series

In this series, the thermochromic paint is used to create little “shocks” inside natural or human landscapes, highlighting both the human role inside the overall environmental system and the effects of the human attitudes towards nature. 

“Thermocrhomic bears”

Born as studio tests on the materials, these scenes took on a symbolic value intensely linked to the general work of Nevercrew.
In just a few seconds, many potential practical and conceptual uses of thermochromic painting are contained: the change in relation to temperature, the role of the human gesture (of the choice, the awareness, the responsibility), the action-consequence relationship, the essential connection of all the parts within a system.

"Thermochromic whales"  

The possibility of modifying the object with the touch of the hand, with the body temperature, is highly interesting, as is the possibility of hiding elements behind the color of the thermochromic paint. On the one hand are underlined the physical aspect, the gesture, but above all the basic relationship between each element; on the other one a detachment is created and the surprise places the emphasis on the event and not on the causes, underlining the uncontrollable aspect of a consequence that has already begun.