Pl. de la Gare 1, 1470 Estavayer-le-lac, Switzerland

Taking inspiration by the original function of the building, that used to be an agricultural mill, by its function and its use, by the accumulation of raw material to be ground and by the entire process of gathering and sharing and the concatenation related to it, we decided to work on the idea of reduction.
Similar to a gestural movement, a selection, a portion, a window. Something that have to be seen and that’s also partially hidden. The localized experience of something bigger, that participate in an overall balance and at the same time is rationed.
A human interpretation, a simplification and, again, a reduction. A relation that’s strongly conditioned by a partial perception, a partial empathy and a partial participation, while at the same time this same relation is the demonstration of an overall balance shared by everyone and in which everyone lives.