Rochester (NY, USA)
Mural painting realized for the Wall Therapy in Rochester (NY, USA) co-curated by Urban Nation Berlin, 2015. 
43°09'07.4"N 77°36'22.0"W 
Following our recent path, we wanted to realize something related to the balance between the elements inside a system: where all the parts partecipate, consciously or not, and where there should be a mutual comprehension and empathy. We see this related in a wider way to the balance existing in nature, a sort of "collaboration" between everything for a common "wellness”. 
An existing working system based on needs and not on profit.
From this then we wanted to highlight 2 different aspects: at a more immediate level the relationship between mankind and nature, as a litmus paper that reveal an emergency and risks (first of all the global warming, an emergency sign itself). On a second and more specific level we wanted to relate our painting to the idea of a community that cooperate for a local or/and a more global benefit, exactly as the natural example mentioned above. A sort of positive shell, strong and delicate at the same time, strictly connected to what it’s made of and to what is around it, and of which to take care of constantly. 
For the same event we partecipated with canvas and prints into the group exhibition “Impact!” at the 1975 Gallery in Rochester.