66° Festival Del Film Locarno
The artwork, dedicated to the Locarno Film Festival and in general to the cinema, represents in a surreal and ironic way the passage from idea to product, from thinking to message, from vision to image, from energy to entertainment. In a tangle of elements taken from the technical means and intended in the broadest sense (like the sound, the time), you want to pay homage to the film industry as a whole, but especially to all those members who are part of and interacting together to give shape to feelings and to bring them to everyone. 
The passion, the dream, the energy is driving a movement that touches and combine reality and representation, stories and performers, artists and spectators, directors and workers. The work aims therefore to emphasize and enhance each individual part as important in itself, but even more as part of a set, which in turn extends to everything around him, absorbing and emanating.
This screenprint has been realized in a limited number with the collaboartion of the Bally Cultural Foundation, and given as official gift to the main guests of the Locarno Film Festival 2013.