Urban Interventions (selected)

74. "L'art habite la ville" in Mons (Belgium), curated by Baptiste Fiore. Anamorphical urban intervention.
73. "Wire" in Paradiso (Switzerland), curated by Freefox Architecture Studio. Mural painting.

72. "Brink" in Bellinzona (Switzerland). Mural painting.
71. "10ème Art Festival" in Aurillac (France). Mural painting.
70. "LeMur" in Nancy (France). One-day temporary mural realized in Place Charles III.
69. “Artichoke Festival” in Estavayer-le-lac (Switzerland). Mural painting
68. “Walls Can Dance” in Le Hamburg (Germany). Mural painting
67. “Murals & More” in Cedar Rapids (Iowa, USA). Mural painting

66. “Bracketing” in Nancy (France). Mural diptych
65. “Exomusée” in Le Locle (Switzerland). Mural painting
64. “Fade n°2” in Locarno (Switzerland). Mural painting
63. “Wir-Leben-Klimaschutz / Stadt Luzern” in Luzern (Switzerland). Mural painting

62. “Grenoble Street Art Fest” curated by Spacejunk in Grenoble (FR). Mural painting.
61. "Arte Urbana Lugano" in Lugano (Switzerland). Mural painting.
60. "Urvanity" in Madrid (Spain). Mural painting.

59. "Varanasi Art Project" in Varanasi (India). Mural painting.
58. "Points de Vue" Festival in Bayonne (France). Mural painting.
57. "Toward 2030 Project" in Torino (Italy). Mural painting.
56. "Shifting machine" in Cadenazzo (Switzerland). Mural painting. 
55. "River Tales" in Giessen (Germany), Mural painting.
54. "Celsius - Thermochromic mural painting" in Lugano (Switzerrland). Mural painting that reacts to temperature change.
53. "Ctrl+S" in Crissier (Switzerland). Mural painting.

52. "Cluster" in Novara (Italy). Mural intervention.
51. "Sea Walls Tairawhiti" project in Gisborne (New Zealand) curated by PangeaSeed Foundation..Mural intervention.
50. "Adjustable stance" in Winzerla, Jena (Germany)), curated by Gruppe F Berlin. Mural intervention and installation.
49. "Nuances selection" in Løvvangen, Nørresundbym Aalborg (Denmark), curated by WEAArt. Multiple mural intervention.
48. "StreetartFestival.ch" in Chur (Switzerland). Mural painting. 
47. “One Wall” in Berlin (Germany). Double mural intervention curated by Urban Nation Berlin for the “One Wall” project.
46. “Sensing machine n°7” augmented reality public intervention in Place Stravinsky in Paris (France) in collaboration with Bepart.
45. "Le M.U.R." in Paris (France). Temporary mural intervention realized at Le M.U.R., historical institution in french street art.
44. "El oso plateado and the machine" in Phoenix (USA) curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre (FatCap). Series of murals. 

43. "Artrust" in Melano (Switzerland). Mural painting.
42. "Dimensional Recipe" in Los Angeles (USA) curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre (FatCap). Series of mural paintings.
41. "Art United Us" in Kiev (Ukraine). Mural painting.
40. "Stadt.Wandt.Kunst" in Mannheim (Germany). Mural painting.
39. "Satka Street Art Festival" in Satka (Russia) curated by Fund Sobranie Moscow. Mural painting.

38. "Neusicht" curated by Viva con Agua in Luzern (CH). Mural painting.
37. "WeAArt" in Aalborg (Denmark). Mural painting.
36. "Vancouver Mural Fest" in Vancouver (Canada). Mural painting.
35. "Grenoble Street Art Fest" curated by Spacejunk in Grenoble (FR). Mural painting. 
34. "StArt" in Assago (I), curated by Square23 Gallery, Torino. Mural painting and installation.
33. "Cities of hope" in Manchester (UK). Mural painting.
32. "St+Art India" in New Delhi (IN). Couple of mural paintings.

31. "Urban Nation & Pangeaseed" in Wynwood, Miami (USA). Mural painting.
30. "Urban Canvas" in Varese (I). Mural painting.
29. "Black Machine" in Torino (I). Mural painting on the Colosseo Theater.
28. “Vision Art Festival” in Crans-Montana (CH). Mural painting.
27. "Wall Therapy"" in Rochester (USA), curated by Urban Nation and Wall Therapy. Mural painting.
26. "Millerntor Gallery" at the Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg (DE). Mural painting.
25. "Volvo Art Session" in Zurich (CH). 12-hours painting and performance with Chromeo at the Zurich main station.
24. "M/7" in Berlin (DE). Mural painting for the "M/7" curated by Urban Nation Berlin.

23. "On identity and fingerprints" in Cairo (Egypt). Mural painting on the swiss embassy in Cairo.
22. "City Canvas" in Hamburg (DE). 11x8m canvas live painting in Spielbudenplatz.
21. "Urban Art Festival" in Winterthur (CH). Mural painting in the Sulzer Area.
20. "Mikser Festival" in Belgrade (SRB). Mural painting "Imitation of Life n°9" over the Mikser House.
19. "Facebook" in Dublin (IRE). Series of mural paintings "Brain-storming Machine n°1" in the new Facebook spaces.
18. "Facebook" in Milano (I). Series of mural paintings "Connecting Machine n°1" in the new Facebook spaces.

17. "L'AM - L'Arte della Memoria" at the Villa Ambrosetti, Gentilino (CH). Mural painting and installation.
16. “4661m2” in Lenzburg (CH). Murals inside a ou-of-cell room in the Lenzburg Prison.
15. “Tin Can Phone Project” in Lugano (CH). Temporary interactive public installation at the Sottopassaggio dei Cigni, Lugano.
14. "X-Games" in Munich (DE). Temporary mural painting in the culture village organized by Intoxicatd Demons gallery.
13. "Stroke Urban Art Fair" Munich (DE). Partecipation as part of the "Stroke Curated" selection. Mural painting.

12. “Magenta” in Lugano (CH). 240 square meters mural painting in Bozzoreda, Lugano.
11. “Undercontrol” in Monte Carasso (CH), curated by Urbanova. Mural painting.

10. "Ti-Street-Art" in Bellinzona (CH).
09. "Volvo Art Session" at the main station in Zurich (CH). Partecipation with a mural painting and in a photoshooting with Michel Comte and Melanie Winiger.

08. "Il definitivo è trasformazione" at Villa Balli in Locarno (CH). Main facade mural painting for the group exhibition.

07. “Octopus” in Lugano (CH). Mural painting in pool n°7 of the skatepark of Lugano.

06. “Rete 3” in Lugano (CH). Series of mural paintings inside the radio studio RSI, SSR-SRG.

05. “Metrò” in Lugano (CH). Series of mural paintings for the city venue for young music.

04. "Colora la Foce" in Lugano (CH). Mural painting and first prize at the contest.
03. “Pretoriali prisons” in Bellinzona (CH), Mural paintings inside the prison ou-of-cell time area.

02. "Dalla Strada.. viaggio nella cultura dei graffiti" at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea in Bellinzona (CH). Mural painting inside the museum for the group exhibition.

01. First mural painting in Bellinzona (CH).