Millerntor Gallery, Hamburg
Mural painting and installation realized for the Millerntor Gallery #5 in Hamburg (DE) as part of the social art project to support "Viva con Agua" for worlwide water projects. 2015 - 
53°33'17.2"N 9°58'03.8”E
The image we choose to realize in the context of the Millerntor Gallery, hosted in the lively area of Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, is explicitly about privatization of natural resources and about the feeling that things could be different from what we’re used too. 
As in a way for the superficial and senseless presumption of borders, we wanted to highlight how an attitude that’s very common and sometimes established and accepted in our society could be seen as strained and forced, far from the human nature and well-being, as a property based on power and not on needs.