The paintings are "Manking Triangles", "highlighting Invasion", "A Flying Friend" (150x100cm) and the sculpture is "Making Red Triangles" (70x70x30cm). The common basis is a relation between the perceived shape and its real essence, between the system and its parts, with a direct relation to our society and reality merged in "readable" and "working" mechanisms. For example, the idea behind "Highlighting Invasion"is the relationship between man and nature, between mankind and its nature. The bio-mechanical structure is at the same time a symbol of scientific and creative potential, and personification of modern life chaos, confusing excess of information and new media increasingly becoming part of our existence. The two sides of the coin. The flow of color, which originates from the "Space Invader" into the big brain, makes everything readable and unified in its parts. It's life and creativity, coming from everyone, revealing new ways and new systems and showing that problem and solution are strictly connected in our decisions. The "brain invader" on the top, is also a funny tribute to street art and so it could also recall the freedom and communication that's in this way of expression. 

This series was presented for the first time at the ArtYou Urban Art Basel exhibition 2012.